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The Marketing major is one of the top-ranked programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, and it prepares you to succeed in fast-paced marketing environments.


Marketing students are on the cutting edge of the business world. Texas BBAs who enter the Marketing major are learning how all the data gathered about individuals and consumers in general is changing how goods and services are presented to the public.


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  • See What You’ll Learn

    Marketing students learn from leading faculty and gain in-demand skills, including: the latest and best practices in consumer relations, the attributes that make a brand successful, trend awareness of buying and selling in an increasingly digital world, and how to use data-driven marketing.
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  • See the Jobs You Can Get

    Marketing students excel across industries and often pursue these careers: Account Executive, Account Representative, Consultant, Assistant Buyer, Associate Product Manager, Business Analyst, Executive Trainee, and Market Analyst
See What Students Say
I like marketing because it deals with getting people to buy into a product, whether it's consumer or business to business. Marketing is what gets great ideas sold, and without it, a company would fail.
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