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  • Energy Courses

    Energy open enrollment classes offer an opportunity to gain new perspectives and skills related to the energy industry, with coursework tailored specifically to the challenges and opportunities of the field. With classes focused on the economics, strategy, business valuation, and finance specific to the trade, this concentration offers a unique opportunity to improve your business acumen.
Supports Continued Learning
Provides a balance of theory and realistic practice complemented by comprehensive materials to support continued learning after the course.


Principles of Business Valuation

Learn the valuation tools and techniques used to estimate enterprise values, as well as large-scale investments in power plants, refineries, and oil and gas development projects.

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Decision and Risk Analysis in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production

Gain the information and options available to enhance economic value and manage project risks in the hydrocarbon production industry.

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Economics and Technology of the Crude Oil, Natural Gas and LNG Value Chains

Gain perspective on advanced topics relating to global oil, natural gas and LNG value chains. Discover the economics, technology, policy/regulatory issues and business strategies and trends that affect these value chains.

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Energy Finance

Develop your understanding of the energy markets, and how to model and forecast energy and forward/future prices. Learn the different derivative products and learn how to apply them in the energy markets.

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Energy, Technology and Policy

Cover a range of topics in this information-packed class beginning with basics and fundamentals and then delve into the role energy plays in our environment.

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Managing External Stakeholder Relationships

This class teaches you how to manage your firm’s relationship with external stakeholders, explore environmental and human rights and governance issues, and analyze the effect of politics and culture on the industry.

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Executive Program for Energy Leaders

The energy industry is witnessing unprecedented levels of volatility. Geopolitical tensions, climate change concerns, and the increased pressure for decarbonization have pushed the global energy industry to accelerate transformation through technological advancements and innovation. Energy executives must strike a balance between driving their organization’s need for business growth with profitable and efficient solutions and innovating for future demand.

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