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MBA Alumni Advisory Board

Your active role in the McCombs Alumni Network strengthens the value of your degree. Below you'll find out how thousands of alumni actively participate in leadership roles throughout the world.


McCombs chapters connect alumni all over the world and help them maintain a strong affiliation with the school and current students. Get involved with your chapter today! Attend an upcoming event or reach out to your local chapter leadership to offer assistance. If you are interested in starting a chapter or serving on the chapter board in your area, please contact the Alumni Relations Office.


View our full event calendar to find out about upcoming events in your area. Learn more about the types of chapter events we offer.     

Chapter Directory

Use the Chapter Directory (PDF) to contact your local chapter leadership.

Regional Populations

Learn about alumni populations by region.  

Chapter Presidents' Resources

This resource page offers a variety of tools for our chapter leaders.

Advisory Boards

BBA Advisory Board

The BBA Advisory Board assists the school in achieving and maintaining “best of class” status for the BBA programs. Learn more about the board. Learn more about the board.

MBA Advisory Board

The MBA Advisory Board assists the school in achieving and maintaining “best of class” status for the MBA programs. Learn more about the board. Learn more about the board.  

Member Update Form

If you are an Advisory Board member and any of your contact information has changed, please inform us by completing the Member Update Form

Hire McCombs Students & Alumni

The McCombs School offers a variety of resources available to employers interested in recruiting alumni and students.  

McCombs Job Board

This platform connects employers with McCombs alumni for full-time or part-time roles that are either salaried or commissioned. The McCombs Job Board also offers employers the ability to post jobs to current students for part-time or full-time roles that are salaried, commissioned or unpaid. Learn more.


This job board offers employers access to all students and alumni of The University of Texas at Austin. Learn more.

On-Campus Recruiting

The McCombs School offers services to assist employers recruiting current students for salaried full-time and intern positions. This system includes candidate screening options, online résumé collection and interview scheduling. Learn more.   

Mentor Students or Fellow Alumni

The McCombs Alumni Network is proud to announce the opportunity to mentor both students and fellow alumni. Share your expertise and assist in the professional development of current and future alumni. Please follow the simple instructions below to sign up as a mentor for students and/or alumni:

  • Login to McCombs Online Resources with your UT EID and password.
  • On the “Alumni Services” tab, click “Sign Up to Mentor Students and/or Alumni.”
  • If your biographical and work information are incorrect, update your profile. Fill in additional information about yourself and indicate your mentorship preferences by checking one or both of the boxes to make yourself searchable by students and/or alumni.
  • Click “Update Mentorship Application.”

This is not an automated matching system. Both mentors and mentees will find detailed guidelines and a toolkit on the Alumni Mentor website to facilitate this process. These resources are designed to help build a successful mentorship relationship.


MBA Alumni Admissions Network

Our alumni play an integral role in shaping the future of the McCombs School by helping us recruit top applicants to our MBA programs. Through the MBA Alumni Admissions Network, alumni can get involved by volunteering at forums around the nation and worldwide, interviewing applicants, answering questions via email, attending welcome receptions, or contacting recently-admitted applicants. To learn more, contact the MBA Program Office at

McCombs School Advisory Council

The McCombs School of Business Advisory Council, called "The CBA Foundation Advisory Council" until 2000, was established in 1960 to assist the dean, faculty and staff of the school in becoming one of the top business schools in the nation.

Council membership consists of individuals whose stature and accomplishments in the business world brings credibility to the school. Council members engage in and support the fundraising efforts of the school; provide counsel to the dean, faculty and staff on strategy and issues affecting the future of the school, curricula, programs and external affairs; provide insights to the dean, faculty and staff on how the school can enhance the impact of its services on various stakeholder groups; provide valuable contacts for faculty to provide access to the business community for research purposes, to increase the impact of their work on the business community, to inform their research and teaching; provide valuable advice to students in their career selection decisions and job-seeking activities; and provide input to the dean, faculty and staff for assessing the progress of the school and charting future courses. Learn more.

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