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Students who enjoy high-tech environments, and want an edge in getting jobs in technical or consulting industries will benefit from the STM program. STM graduates are in high demand for careers like financial management in technology firms, consulting in MIS/business/strategy, program management at technical firms (including project/procurement managers in the supply chain space), and the emerging field of quantitative analysis. Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Deloitte, Intel, Shell, Target and Texas Instruments are all companies that have hired students from the program.



The Science and Technology Management Program is a rigorous and challenging degree plan that satisfies the industry's demand for technologically savvy business graduates with backgrounds in engineering. In the STM Program, students take engineering, math, and science classes while working toward a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. STM students develop a broad strategic perspective of business principles and acquire a solid command of the technical fundamentals of engineering. The STM Program's combination of engineering and business prepares students to manage effectively in highly technical business environments.

STM Business Courses

STM Business Courses

OM 337.5: Project Management

Analysis of contemporary management problems
Prerequisite: Varies with topic. Additional prerequisites: Seventy-five semester hours of coursework, including Operations Management 334M, 335 or 335H with a grade of at least C-.

ACC 329: Managerial Accounting and Control

The origination, processing, reporting, and use in business of operations of accounting information for management purposes.
Prerequisite: ACC 311 or 311H and ACC 312 or ACC 312H.

One of the following will meet requirement:

FIN 374C: Valuation

An in-depth study of theory and practice of corporate financial management in establishing major financial and investment policies; techniques for analysis, evaluation, and control. Prerequisite: FIN 357 or FIN 357H.

FIN 374S: Entrepreneurial Finance

Development, implementation, and control of financial plans, strategies, and policies by owner-managers of small and medium-sized firms; analysis of alternatives and decision making.
Prerequisite: Finance 357 or 357H.

One of the following will meet requirement:

MAN 374: General Management and Strategy

Designed to enable students to analyze business situations from the point of view of the practicing general manager. Addresses key tasks involved in general management, including strategic decisions that ensure the long-term health of the entire firm or a major division.
Prerequisite: Seventy-five semester hours of coursework, including: Management 336 or 336H; credit or registration for Finance 357 or 357H, and Marketing 337 or 337H; and credit or registration for one of the following: Accounting 353J, 366P, Business Administration 353, 353H, Finance 353, 366P, Management 347P, 353, 366P, 367P, 369P, Management Information Systems 353, 366P, Marketing 353, 366P, Operations Management 353, or 366P.

MAN 375: Strategic IT Management

Designed to develop an understanding and appreciation for the role of information technology in the context of a firm's strategy. Explores the impact of information technology on the economy and business performance, the emergence of electronic business applications and organizational and market transformation, and the nature of technology-driven business models and strategies.
Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.

One of the following will meet requirement:

Internship or Practicum

OM 366P: Operations Management Practicum

Students apply skills in their major area and focus on additional project management skills through group projects conducted in a professional setting. Students may work with a private or a public enterprise. Prerequisite: Completion of at least forty-five semester hours of college coursework, and credit or registration for Operations Management 334M, 235, or 235H. 

MIS 366P: Management Information Systems Practicum

Restricted to students in a business major. Students apply skills in their major area and focus on additional project management skills through group projects conducted in a professional setting. Students may work with a private or a public enterprise. 
Prerequisite: Forty-five semester hours of college coursework and consent of instructor.


STM Engineering Courses

STM Engineering Courses

Mechanical Engineering Base

(one of the following will meet requirement)

- EM 306: Statics

Vector algebra, force systems, free-body diagrams; engineering applications of equilibrium, including frames, friction, distributed loads; centroids, moments of inertia.
Prerequisite: Mathematics 408D, 408L, 408M, or 408S, and Physics 301 or 303K with a grade of at least C- in each.

- ME 320: Applied Thermodynamics

First and second laws of thermodynamics; thermodynamic processes, cycles, and heat transfer.
Prerequisite: Chemistry 301, Mathematics 408D, and Physics 303K. 

Computer Engineering Base

- EE 306: Introduction to Computing

Motivated, bottom-up introduction to computing; bits and operations on bits; number formats; arithmetic and logic operations; digital logic; the Von Neumann model of processing, including memory, arithmetic logic unit, registers, and instruction decoding and execution; introduction to structured programming and debugging; machine and assembly language programming; the structure of an assembler; physical input/output through device registers; subroutine call/return; trap instruction; stacks and applications of stacks.
Prerequisite: Credit with a grade of at least a C- or registration for Mathematics 408C or 408K.

Electrical Engineering Base

- EE 302: Intro to Electrical Engineering

The scope and nature of professional activities of electrical engineers, including problem-solving techniques; analysis and design methods; engineering professional ethics; analysis of analog resistive circuits, including Thevenin/Norton equivalents, mesh analysis, and nodal analysis; and operational amplifiers (DC response). Substantial team work is required for laboratory work in this course.
Prerequisite: Credit with a grade of at least C- or registration for Mathematics 408C or 408K.

Engineering Capstone

(one of the following will meet requirement)

- ME 375K: Production Engineering Management

Same as Operations Research and Industrial Engineering 372. Introduction to production and inventory models; basic factory dynamics; analysis of variability; push-and-pull production control; sequencing and dispatching. 
Prerequisite: For engineering majors, Mechanical Engineering 318M or the equivalent with a grade of at least C-, Mechanical Engineering 335 or the equivalent; for non-engineering majors, upper-division standing and written consent of instructor. 

- ES 377: One-Semester Startup 

Prerequisite: Varies with topic.

- ASE 374K: Space Systems Engineering 

Introductions to systems engineering: the systems engineering process, requirements, design fundamentals, trade studies, cost and risk analyses, integration, technical reviews, case studies, and ethics. Includes written reports.
Prerequisite: Aerospace Engineering 366K with a grade of at least C-.

STM Contacts

STM Contacts

Science and Technology Management Contacts

Mary Ann Anderson - Faculty Advisor