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The University of Texas Marketing Ph.D. program at McCombs is committed to delivering the highest quality of doctoral education. We offer small seminar classes and mentoring by world-class faculty. Our program is highly selective and our faculty devote considerable time to each student. Our philosophy is an apprenticeship system where our Ph.D. students receive hands-on training from the award-winning faculty.

The primary goal of the University of Texas Marketing Ph.D. program is to develop students who will conduct scholarly research and be future leaders in academia by creating and disseminating marketing knowledge. We are proud of the achievements of our Ph.D. students who publish articles in top-tier academic journals, present researches at international conferences and develop business models that reshape the marketplace.

A unique strength of the University of Texas Marketing Department is the breadth of its expertise in all areas of marketing including consumer behavior, marketing strategy and quantitative modeling. Our faculty and students bring rigorous training and backgrounds in business, economics, psychology, statistics, management science, information and data technology to bear in their cutting-edge examination of marketing topics.

The extraordinary business and economic growth around the globe has ushered in the most exciting times in our Marketing Department. Many of our students are starting their careers at top research universities around the world including Stanford University, Ohio State University, Indiana University, and Washington University in St. Louis. The University of Texas is located in Austin, Texas, a growing high-tech and entrepreneurial city that is consistently rated as one of the top U.S. cities for living and business adventures. If you want to be a leader in creating and disseminating marketing knowledge, we hope you will join the University of Texas Marketing Ph.D. program.



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Areas of Specialization

Areas of Specialization

The marketing doctoral program provides an opportunity for specialized study in one or more of the following marketing areas: consumer behavior, marketing strategy and quantitative marketing. The core of the program consists of a set of courses required of all students. This is supplemented with special courses and electives.