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CBA 4.350 Green Room



LCD Projection, Laptop Computer Connections, Audio and Ethernet connection

  • NOTE: Before using any application that accesses the University network through either a public Ethernet or wireless port, you must first open an internet browser application and login to the page that you are automatically directed to with your UTEID. If you have forgotten your UTEID, please visit the UT EID Self-Service Tools page for assistance.


For special events rooms reservations, please Submit a Reservation Request on the McCombs Intranet (McCombs account password protected.)

Computer Projection

  • Lower the video screen by using the wall switch (on the light switch panel, the far right switch controls the video screen.)
  • Connect the VGA cable (attached to Notebook Access Panel) to the VGA port of your computer. Turn on the computer, press the Projector On button on the Notebook Access Panel (If the Projector ON button begins blinking it is indicating that the projector is warming up), and press the Computer button. If you have audio in your presentation you will also need to connect a PC audio cable (PC Audio and Ethernet cables are available for checkout from Media Support.)
  • Turn on your computer, if your laptop's screen appears on the room's screen you are ready to go, if not, you may need to mirror your laptop's screen onto the projector. To do this on a Dell computer, hit the FN and F8 keys at the same time until you see your laptop content on the screen. Hitting FN-F8 successively will scroll through the available viewing choices. The command to mirror your laptop's screen may be different on other manufacturer's computers, if you have any questions please consult this Laptop Activation Chart.

 Notebook Access Panel
 CBA 4th CBA4 350 Panel