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CBA 6.420 MSB Conference Room



LCD Projection, Laptop Computer Connections, Multimedia Conference Table, Tandberg Videoconferencing System, Three Table Microphones, Wireless Mic, DVD, CD, VCR


For special events rooms reservations, please Submit a Reservation Request on the McCombs Intranet (McCombs account password protected.)


For room information or technology training, please call 232-6679 or email
For video conference information, please contact Doug LaValliere at 232-6675,

Usage and Charge Policy

The MSB Conference Room is equipped with audio and video conferencing equipment. These services and equipment are reserved for the McCombs School of Business faculty and staff. There is no charge for using the room and the equipment itself, but we do collect line charges for conferencing should they occur.


Incoming calls are free; the cost will be incurred by the caller. Campus calls and local calls are free as well. If you initiate a long distance call, please use your UT long distance access code, the charges will be UT-rate long distance charges applied to your monthly phone bill. You may also use your private calling card if you do not have a UT long distance access code.


Incoming calls are free but all outgoing calls will have a charge applied. ATT is the service provider who currently charges approximately $75 per hour at full bandwidth. Some connections are cheaper due to less bandwidth, this will be listed on our itemized bill.


  • If your conference is in conjunction with a regular listed and taught course, the cost is covered through the student's technology fees, no additional charges will apply.
  • If you are a business staff member or faculty and are using the facility for research or any other type of conference, you will need to provide an account number prior to the conference and we will IDT your account for the exact charges accrued.
  • If you are a guest or outside agency, which does not have an account number available, we will charge you a flat rate of $75 per hour.
  • Private use of the facility for any type of conference is not permitted.

 CBA 6th MSB Conference RM 


Here are some quick-reference instructions for the use of the facility. A more in-depth instruction page is being worked on at this time


Touch the Control Panel screen, and it will turn on


Press the Presentation Mode button. Automatic presets will run


Connect the VGA cable from the table to your laptop. Press Computer on the touch panel to display your image on the projector


Use Presentation mode. Connect Doc Cam cable from the table to the Doc Camera. Press Document Camera on the touch panel to enable projector display


Laptop Not Displaying on Projector

  • Check that the cable is connected
  • Press Computer on touch panel screen in Presentation Mode
  • Press the Fn and CRT/LCD (F8F7, or F5) buttons on your laptop to toggle the image output

Image From Laptop is Off the Screen

  • Set your laptop's screen resolution to  1024 x 768 pixels


For help, please call Media Support at 232-6679

 Control Panel
 CBA 6th MSB Conf Welcome

 Presentation Screen
 CBA 6th MSB Conf Presentation