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McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business

School Marketing, Web & Communications

We tell the story of McCombs School of Business. We foster brand strength, enhance the prominence of the school's intellectual capital, and enable conversations that inform, inspire, and empower current and prospective members of the McCombs community.

Emily Reagan,, Chief Marketing Officer, 512-471-4112, C: 214-282-5905
Xochitl Gostomski,, Senior Administrative Associate, 512-232-6970

Brand Marketing and Communications Team

David Wenger,, Director, 512-471-3314, C: 512-423-7121
Todd Savage,, Manager, Content Strategy, 512-232-6750
Molly Dannenmaier,, Magazine Editor/Faculty Research Publicist, 512-232-6779, C: 409-771-5105
Catenya McHenry,, PR/Media Relations Director, 512-471-2518
Jeremy Simon,, Editor, Big Ideas, 512-232-6031
Dana Taylor,, Senior Graphic Designer, 512-232-6029
Gayle Hight,, Events/Trademarks and Licensing, 512-475-6423
Matt Turner,, Rankings/Faculty Expertise Guide, 512-232-6723

Web/Digital Team

Sarah Beavins,, Director, Digital Marketing Strategy, 512-471-3998
Chad Springer,, Interim, Web Team Manager, 832-971-2412
Jessica Eubanks,, Lead Web Developer, 512-297-3671
Jon Nunan,, Content Writer, 512-232-3513
Mark Foster,, IT Coordinator, 609-379-2206

Advertising & Promotions

Texas MBA Programs, Jolene Ashcraft,, 512-471-7612
Texas MSTC Program, Mandy Reyes,, 512-471-2283
Texas Executive Education, Mickey D'Armi,, 512-232-9462
Texas MS Programs, Cayce Canipe,, 512-232-7350
Texas MPA Program, Chelsey Stewart,, 512-232-2482
Texas BBA Program, Donica Williams,, 512-471-1829

Other Resources

Dale Allen,, Graphic Designer Media Services, 512-232-6672
Brand Guidelines and Assets
Trademarks and Licensing

News and media contacts

McCombs Newsroom

Media Contacts for Faculty and School Information

Director of Media Relations

Catenya McHenry
O: 512-471-2518


Faculty Research Publicist

Molly Dannemaier
O: 512-232-6779