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Media Services Offices

Location and Hours

  • Location
    GSB  3.132
  • Checkout Hours
    Mon–Fri  7:30am-6:15pm
  • Classroom Support Hours
    Mon–Fri  7:30am-6:15pm


Media Support

The McCombs Media Support Division is managed by Philip Manchaca with help from Nell King, Alyssa Martinez, and Mona Gonzales. We're here to provide the McCombs School with classroom tech support, video and audio services, equipment checkout, supplies, and much more.

Request forms for Media Services

Please visit Request Forms to submit a request or trouble report.

Services and Support

Location and Hours

  • Location
    UTC 1.110 
  • Hours
    Mon–Fri  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Graphic Services

The McCombs Graphic Services Division is managed by graphic designer Dale Allen. Our services are available for McCombs-related publication layout and design, poster creation, and more.

Attention: All graphic services are reserved for the McCombs School of Business only. If you are affiliated with another school on campus please contact Copy Services at 512-471-1615 for graphic assistance.

Graphic Services Requests

Poster Templates


Please submit a Graphic Services Request Form for all of the following services: 
Cost Service
$24.00/hr (1 hour Minimum Charge) Publication Layout and Design
$5/each Laser Engraved Name Plates for Offices (Black with White Letters)
$35/each Laser Engraved Directional Signs (Black with Gold Letters)
Hanging 10"x14" or Wall 8.5"x12"
$0.20/sq. inch Laser Engraved Custom Signs (Blue with White Letters)
$24.00/hr (1 hour Minimum Charge) Photo/Slide/Text Scanning
$24.00/hr (1 hour Minimum Charge) Electronic Presentations (PowerPoint)
$10/linear foot Banner Printing (Graphics assistance necessary at $24/hr)
$31.18 Posters Mounted on Foam Core Board

Poster Printing, Framing, and Mounting

  • Posters and banners are produced on photo gloss paper on our HP Designjet 5500ps. Banners are $10 per linear foot (i.e. a 6-foot banner = $60). Posters mounted on foam core board (24x36 inches maximum) are $31.40 each.
  • Please Note: This service is NOT self help or by appointment and you must submit a Graphic Request Form. Poster printing is reserved for the McCombs School of Business only. If you would like to print your own poster, please contact Copy Services at 512-471-1615.

Publication Layout and Design

  • Graphic Services such as brochures, e-newsletter banners, fliers, posters, etc. are formatted in Adobe InDesign CS6, supported by Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Illustrator CS6. Documents can be saved as PDF files. There is a labor fee of $24.00 per hour for design and layout services.

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Custom Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (including McCombs Message Monitor slides) can be produced for a labor fee of $24.00 per hour.

Laser-Engraved Signs

  • You may order laser engraved nameplates for $5.00 apiece and directional signs ranging from 10"x14" ($35.00) up to 18"x23" ($60.00) by submitting a Graphic Services Request Form.


  • Please allow for three working days or more, depending on the complexity of the project.
  • It is not wise to wait until the day before your deadline to submit a request, as we take projects on a first-come, first-served basis.

Location and Hours

  • Location
    GSB 3.128
  • Video Studio Hours
    Mon–Fri  8:00am-5:00pm


Video Studio

The McCombs Video Studio is managed by Sergio Samayoa and it provides the McCombs School of Business with the ability to create a wide variety of video content that can be used in support of the McCombs school.

Request forms for the Video Studio

Services and Support

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