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CBA 5.325 Mod Lab East


Multimedia Desk


LCD ProjectionMultimedia DeskVHSAuxiliary InputElectronic Whiteboard


To reserve this lab please visit Lab Reservations.

Multimedia Desk Operation

  1. LCD Projector Power
    These buttons power the projector on and off. Turn the projector on and wait a few minutes for it to warm up. When the projector is on it defaults to the PC input. If the projector has been turned off, it won't turn on again until the bulb has cooled down which can take about a minute.
  2. PC and Video Input
    These buttons control the PC and Video inputs. Hit PC for computer use and Video when using the VHS deck.
  3. Screen
    Press the Screen Up or Screen Down button once to get it to lower or raise completely. If a button is pressed while the screen is in motion the screen will stop.
  4. Lights
    Light controls. Use High if you're not using the projector, Medium or Low when you need to use the projector but still want some light.
  5. Spotlights
    Spotlight controls. The top button is for the desk and the bottom is for the whiteboard.
  6. Microphone Volume
    This slider controls the volume for the microphone.
  7. Main Volume
    This slider controls the volume for all inputs.
  8. Network Interrupt
    This button controls the network access for every computer in the room. When the button is pressed it will start blinking rapidly until it reaches a steady on state. When the light reaches a steady on state, network access is cut off to the room's computers. Pressing the button while the light is blinking will disable this function.
  9. Key Lock
    The key lock on the control panel allows a user to run both Mod Lab classrooms simultaneously from one desk. The key switch is only on the desk in room CBA 5.304. Scheduling both rooms for larger classes is done through the lab supervisor. To reserve these labs please visit Lab Reservations.

 Multimedia Desk
 CBA 5th Mod Lab desk2

 Control Panel
 CBA 5th Mod Lab front 6

Laptop Cable Connection

Connect a VGA cable to the desk's VGA port (located next to the VHS deck along with the other auxiliary inputs), and to the VGA port of your laptop computer. When a laptop is plugged into the desk the LCD projector will automatically switch to that input and disable the projection of the desk's computer. If your laptop's screen appears on the room's screen you are ready to go, if not, you may need to mirror your laptop's screen onto the projector. To do this on a Dell computer, hit the FN and F8 keys at the same time until you see your laptop content on the screen. Hitting FN-F8 successively will scroll through the available viewing choices. The command to mirror your laptop's screen may be different on other manufacturer's computers, if you have any questions please consult this Laptop Activation Chart. The desk also has Computer audio and Ethernet ports (PC Audio and Ethernet cables are available for checkout from Media Support), as well as one AC outlets.

  • NOTE: Before using any application that accesses the University network through either a public Ethernet or wireless port, you must first open an internet browser application and login to the page that you are automatically directed to with your UTEID. If you have forgotten your UTEID, please visit the UT EID Self-Service Tools page for assistance.

 Multimedia Desk
 CBA 5th Mod Lab desk2

 Auxiliary Inputs
 CBA 5th ModLab port02

Electronic Whiteboard

3M Ideaboard IB3000 Instructions

The electronic whiteboard allows you to accurately save and share meeting ideas. As fast as your team can generate ideas, the 3M Ideaboard IB3000 captures them for everyone to see. Ideas jotted on the board are automatically to the desk's PC.

To begin, first make sure that the 3M Ideaboard is connected to the desk's PC (via serial cable) and that it is powered on.

  1. On the desk's PC, double-click the shortcut icon IBdesktop.exe or select it by clicking on the Start menu and it is above the DOS prompt.
  2. Select the projection button to make sure it is on. (see illustration 1)
  3. To make a new page, click on the right arrow in the navigator toolbar on the computer. You can also hit the Duplicate Page hotspot on the Ideaboard. This will copy the last page and allow you to erase the board or make changes without losing any information. (see illustrations 2 and 3)
  4. To print, click on Meeting > Print or click on the Print Ideakey on the board. (see illustration 3)
  5. To save a file click on Meeting > Save as. This will save your file to the Temp folder on the computer.
  6. To close the session click on Meeting > Close Meeting or hit the Close Meeting icon on the Ideaboard. This will close your current session and save it in the Temp folder. (see illustration 3)
  7. To quit the session click on Meeting > Exit.

Ideaboard Markers/Eraser

The illustration on the right displays the necessary 3M dry-erase markers and eraser next to the Ideakeys on the whiteboard. Only these 3M markers and eraser will be digitally recognized by both the Ideaboard and computer.

 Electronic Whiteboard (3M Ideaboard IB3000)
 CBA 5th Mod Lab whiteboard

 (1) Projection Button
 CBA 5th ModLab toolbar

 (2) Navigator Toolbar
 CBA 5th ModLab Navigator

 (3) Ideaboard Buttons
 CBA 5th Mod Lab Ideaboard

 Ideaboard 3M Markers/Eraser
 CBA 5th ModLab markers