Lendecky Brings the Real World into the Classroom

Brian LendeckyA Senior Lecturer at the McCombs School of Business, Brian Lendecky teaches his classes with one major focus—real-world application. “I just hope that when they go back on Monday, they can sit down with all the material we covered in class and see how it helps them on a day-to-day basis.” Lendecky’s valuable accounting experience includes work at PricewaterhouseCoopers and in the manufacturing and energy industries. He uses this background to demonstrate the applicability of the information he teaches in his classes.

Lendecky is a proud alumnus of the McCombs MPA program and joined the University of Texas faculty in 2006. Since then, he has taught undergraduate, graduate and law school classes and has won several outstanding faculty awards.

Eight years ago, Lendecky was asked to co-create a new class with Dr. David Platt, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs. The two developed Performance Management and Control to help students analyze fundamental performance management and control systems. They taught the class together for the first three years. The past five, Lendecky has been leading the class himself.

Beginning in July, Lendecky will join Professor Jim Nolen in teaching Financial Strategies for Value Creation—a class that perfectly fits his teaching style. Lendecky will set the stage by demonstrating how an organization’s past performance can help predict and improve future performance. Participants will immediately utilize these tools in the simulation-based portion of the class where they determine a plan for the growth and the new product-launch phases of their company.

Based on the feedback he has received from his previous classes, Lendecky is confident participants of this class will leave with techniques they can immediately use in their own careers. “I get emails all the time from ex-participants that say, ‘I was in a meeting, and they were talking about this. I instantly remembered your class. I went back and pretty much made your class notes part of my proposal’ which is great!”

Upcoming classes with Brian Lendecky:

Financial Strategies for Value Creation – July 11 – 15, November 7 – 11
Understanding the numbers only gets you so far. It is how you apply information that matters. Create a plan to use your organization’s capital strategically.

Performance Management and Control – October 12 – 13
Analyze fundamental performance management and control systems, including structured measurement models, analytical techniques and system biases.