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Texas Executive Education’s free webinar series, developed in partnership with Strategic Decisions Group (SDG), continues to inspire professionals to acquire the tools they need to become effective decision makers.  This past month brought us two insightful webinars on Decision Quality and Negotiation.  If you missed them live, we also offer a chance to watch quick replays of all the action.  This free webinar series hosted by Texas Executive Education and SDG introduces a framework for judging a decision’s quality before it is made.  Suited for decision-makers at all levels, and applicable to virtually any industry, our University of Texas and SDG experts are ready to lay the groundwork so that you can acquire the tools to make decisions that will move you and your organization forward. 

View the latest two webinars:

Decision Quality: How to Make the Right Choice the First Time | SDG Decision Education Center

Negotiation: Closing the Quality Gap | SDG Decisions Education Center

Upcoming Webinar:

Game Theory and the Psychology of Fairness
March 8, 2017
11-11:30 am CST

What are the best ways to approach decisions when there are multiple decision makers, each with different information, motives, and goals?  Game Theory can provide useful insights into the competitive and cooperative kinds of strategic decisions regularly made by businesses today.  In addition, as a tool from the behavioral sciences, Game Theory can support negotiations, where different points of view and preferences can provide the opportunity both to create greater value and to allocate that value in a mutually beneficial way.

In this thought-provoking webinar presented by Carl Spetzler, Steve Tani, and Hannah Winter –- all partners at SDG and experts in decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and complexity –- the powerful perspective of Game Theory is discussed, as well as how human nature violates its rationalistic assumptions.

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