Navigating Business Overseas—Without Falling on Your Assumptions

Cultural differences can complicate business practices. For example, the internal auditing department of an American firm recently received an email from their Mexican subsidiary that ended as follows: “I direct it to you in a personalized way for the confidentiality of the payroll information. Greetings my dear.” Clearly, it is time for us to discuss intercultural communication. Here’s your chance to practice and learn from the pros.

When: Friday, September 22, 2017 - 11:30AM - 1:00PM

Where: AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center 1900 University Blvd. Austin, TX

Cost: $25, includes lunch

Parking: AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center, Room 202 1900 University Avenue Austin, TX 78705


Unrecognized cultural differences are a major source of confusion and conflict in international business. In this interactive presentation, you will learn to recognize your own cultural orientation; notice and identify cultural tendencies in any environment; predict problems culture-based difference will cause in the workplace; and develop management strategies.

McCombs School of Business and Texas Executive Education faculty members Deirdre Mendez, Orlando Kelm, and John N. Doggett will use real-world examples and audience feedback to show you how to recognize and manage cultural differences on international partnerships, teams, and projects of all kinds.

Distinguished Faculty

Deirdre B. Mendez

Deirdre B. Mendez

Deirdre B. Mendez, Ph.D., is an intercultural consultant, speaker, and author who helps U.S. companies and their international partners identify and resolve culture-based problems. Her book The Culture Solution facilitates self-guided problem-solving for international executives.

Following two decades as a consultant, Deirdre is now Associate Director for Cultural Programs at the McCombs School of Business. She is also a member of the faculty of the Department of Management and teaches intercultural management and teambuilding to undergraduates, MBA students, and executives.  

Deidre earned her doctorate from The University of Texas at Austin and her undergraduate from Tulane University. 

John Doggett

John N. Doggett

John N. Doggett J.D. is a senior business lecturer and an expert media source on stories related to international business growth, global trade, economic growth strategies, energy and water policy, and sustainability. He keeps a close eye on business and leadership news around the world and is adept at boiling down his insights into sharply focused news bites, making him a favorite source for both on-camera and print/online features.

John is a lawyer, an entrepreneur, an experienced consultant and speaker, and a senior lecturer in the department of management at the McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin. He practiced law for seven years in Connecticut and California before going to Harvard to earn his MBA.

He was a competitive strategy and marketing consultant with McKinsey & Company in Washington, DC, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

John spends part of each summer and winter teaching courses on entrepreneurship and global competition in Austria, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. He regularly leads MBA students on annual two-week observation tours of the People's Republic of China and India. He is the co-author of When We Are the Foreigners: What Chinese Think about Working with Americans (2011).

Orlando Kelm

Orlando R. Kelm

Orlando R. Kelm, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin where he teaches courses in Portuguese and Spanish, focusing mainly on business language and the cultural aspects of international business communication. He also serves as the Associate Director of Business Language Education at the Center for Global Business at the McCombs School of Business. Orlando's research and publications center on the cultural aspects of international business and the pedagogical applications of innovative technologies in language learning, focusing mainly on Latin America and Brazil. 

His book publications include When We Are the Foreigners: What Chinese Think About Working With Americans  (coauthors: John N. Doggett and Haiping Tang) and Brazilians Working with Americans. His latest book is The Seven Keys to Communicating in Brazil: An Intercultural Approach. As part of a series, his next book, The Seven Keys to Communicating in Japan: An Intercultural Approach, will also be released in the fall of 2017. 

What you will learn

  • Identify signs of cultural tendencies in any new environment
  • Recognize the way those tendencies play out in a business context
  • Identify and solve problems resulting from cultural differences
  • Leverage cultural difference to get the best of all approaches on international projects, teams, and partnerships
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