The Right Decision for Success

In order to make great, or even good, decisions under pressure, you need a structured framework. You must clarify the problem that needs to be solved, explore the available options, understand the impact of your decision, and commit to your choice with confidence. To help decision makers improve their acumen in this critical area, Texas Executive Education is offering four new Strategic Decision and Risk Management (SDRM) classes in April and May:

Decision Quality (April 24-26): Learn how to frame strategic choices, generate alternatives, develop credible forecasts, quantify uncertainty and judge the quality of a decision at the time it is made

Negotiation and Collaborative Decision-Making (April 26-28): A hands-on approach to enhancing your negotiation and collaboration capabilities, equipping you to drive better outcomes in challenging one-on-one and multi-party situations

Biases in Decision-Making (May 1-3): Understand the ways in which your mind, personality, and social structures can degrade your decision-making

Modeling for Strategic Insight (May 3-5): Create models that answer executives' questions, produce compelling analyses, and ultimately gain commitment