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University Extension Program (UEX)

BFP Self-paced Online Courses Offered Through UEX: These courses are offered through the University Extension (UEX) program located within UT Austin’s TEXAS Extended Campus. While the courses can count towards your Business Foundations coursework, they are not a part of the Texas Business Foundations Program. Please direct questions and concerns regarding registration and access to these classes to the UEX office at or (512) 471-2900.

Benefits of UEX BFP Courses

  • Self-paced, so you can register and start the coursework anytime
  • Flexible, convenient and always accessible—take up to 5 months to complete the courses, whether you’re on campus or away
  • Course content is identical to the UT-Austin BFP Semester-Based web-based courses
  • UEX course credit appears on your transcript and the grades are included in your cumulative UT GPA, but UEX self-paced courses do not satisfy UT in-residence requirements

Reminder: 50% of your Texas BFP coursework must be completed in-residence, and UEX courses do not contribute to that requirement.