Leadership & Management

Leadership & Management classes at Texas Executive Education provide you with the thought processes and techniques to be able to adapt to the ever-changing nature of relevant business questions with finesse. These two- to five-day classes equip you with strategies to foster highly effective communication and collaboration in order to become more successful and valuable as a leader.

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Why should you take a Leadership & Management Class?
"I walked away with great tools and new ideas to grow and build my team. Ideas that I was able to put in practice the minute I got back in the office and made a big impact. I look forward to continuing to broaden my knowledge and skills through the lectures and interactions with the other attendees."

-Celine Felan

Director of Client Success

Good ideas don’t sell themselves – they must be sold! Become a more influential leader by developing a better understanding of how to effectively advocate for your ideas and vision.

Analyze and discuss what leaders worldwide do on a daily basis that makes them successful.

Creating Competitive Advantage Through Ethical Decision Making

Undertake the fundamental challenge of capitalizing on your existing capabilities while exploring innovations to support your future.

Examine what it takes to successfully work with, and lead, distanced teams. Acquire critical skills leaders and members of a virtual team need for creating, maintaining and motivating successful virtual teams.

Sharpen your leadership acumen, learn to anticipate and adapt to change, and clearly articulate your vision to a diversified team.

Be an effective leader. Know how to generate group cohesiveness, mutual respect and support, and company loyalty.

A hands-on approach to enhancing your negotiation and collaboration capabilities, equipping you to drive better outcomes in challenging one-on-one and multi-party situations.

Understand, strengthen and adapt your personal leadership style. This offering includes the outdoor Leadership Reaction Course.