Advocacy, Influence and Power

Good ideas don’t sell themselves – they must be sold! Become a more influential leader by developing a better understanding of how to effectively advocate for your ideas and vision.

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Acquire the expertise to gain support for your ideas with ease. Analyze how your political intelligence and persuasion acumen affect your success in convincing others to see your vision and support your ideas. Return home from this program knowing how to effectively construct and deliver your message, position and differentiate your ideas, generate loyalty and commitment, and overcome resistance to be more persuasive.

This class is available for university credit. Please contact Lynn Slattery at or 512.471.5893 for more information.

Managing People and Leading Teams

Equip yourself with the strategies and the management savvy to foster highly effective communication and collaboration.

Five-Day Immersive Program

Registration begins at noon on Monday and class begins at 1:00. Class will conclude on Friday at noon. Evening activities and dinner will be included on select evenings and networking lunches will be included Tuesday through Friday.

Austin, Texas

Enjoy proximity to the vibrancy of the campus and downtown Austin, and the innovative, business-friendly environment of the city.


    • Present ideas with impact and impetus
    • Develop and implement an internal branding strategy that will build your credibility
    • Construct and deliver persuasive messages that work in any context
    • Understand how to build and expand your own personal power
    • Gain support from your alliances and networks
    • Generate loyalty and commitment to a vision from colleagues
    • Inspire and spread change throughout your organization to reach common goals
    • Engage your team to share responsibilities and eliminate bottlenecks and barriers to good ideas
    • Use narratives and stories to communicate a message
    • Overcome objections and resistance to persuasion
    • Analyze situations and tailor your messages to motivate different audiences
    • Show you how to be fluent in multiple techniques for influencing others
    • Expand your ability to diagnose the sources of power in your organization
    • Improve communication channels which leverage employee knowledge at every level
    • Meetings are where the gladiators of business meet: Learn how influential leaders effectively persuade others in meetings
    • Confidence makes others see you as competent: How to sound and act competent
    • Discover new research findings on effective persuasion
    • Decipher how to frame issues to make people want to adopt your ideas
    • Flipping the equation: Learn how to say "no" when people are trying to influence you
    • Understand the role of power in leading others

Special Features

  • Do you have the performance pitch? Do you think it's only necessary for those running startup companies? Regardless of our background and profession, we all have to "pitch" our ideas. Whatever the reason to pitch, we can learn from the ways startups approach pitching. 3 Day Startup (3DS) will present a session at Capital Factory, located in Austin's downtown innovation zone. You will discover how the startup approach to pitching can be useful in corporate and other contexts. Drawing on the ideas presented, you will then create, deliver, and receive feedback on your pitch.
  • To enhance program learning participants will receive a copy of “Advocacy: Championing Ideas and Influencing Others,” Dr. John Daly, Liddell Professor of Communication, TCB Professor of Management, and University Distinguished Teaching Professor at The University of Texas at Austin.

Who Attends

It’s no secret that a strong leader can make or break an organization. Become a more influential leader by effectively advocating for your ideas and vision.

  • Executives and high-level managers in leadership roles
  • Professionals responsible for affecting change and driving new initiatives
  • High-potential individuals who will assume greater responsibility within their organization

Companies frequently send pairs of individuals, and small teams to this program, as they try to launch and lead new initiatives within their organization. Please contact us if you are interested in sending three or more participants to this program.

Additional Information

CEUs: Participants earn 2.8 CEUs and/or 28 CPEs for this course. A certificate of completion will be presented from Texas Executive Education.
Course Credits: 2.0
Hotel Information: Texas Executive Education classes qualify for discounted hotel room rates at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center on a limited basis. Discount code will be provided on the course materials page after class registration is complete.


John Daly

Dr. John Daly is the Liddell Professor in the Moody College of Communication, Regents Distinguished Teaching Professor, and Texas Commerce Bancshares Professor of Management at the University of Texas at Austin.

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David Harrison

Dave Harrison is the Charles and Elizabeth Prothro Regents Chair of Business Administration in the Department of Management at the McCombs School of Business. Dr. Harrison earned his PhD in social, organizational and individual differences psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Sharon Jarvis

Sharon E. Jarvis is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Government and Associate Director of the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life at the University of Texas at Austin where she teaches and conducts research on political communication and persuasion.

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Gaylen Paulson

Dr. Gaylen Paulson is Associate Dean and Director for Texas Executive Education, and a faculty member in Department of Management at UT Austin's McCombs School of Business. His research and teaching focus on how we interact strategically with people, including in negotiations, conflict management, persuasion, change, and interpersonal communication.

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More Testimonials

  • "Very impactful for our day-to-day work. Capitol Factory work was a pleasant surprise."

    - Victor Mieres, Vice President, National Instruments

  • "Dr. Daly was one of the best speakers I've listened to. Clearly an expert in his subject matter."

    - Austin Renfroe, Vice President, E.A. Renfroe & Company, Inc.

  • "The tools I gain when I'm going through these classes and the entire program (we're in the managerial leadership program) are useful internally and externally... One of the classes I just took is 'Advocacy, Influence and Power.' We've got to learn to advocate our position. We've got different departments all coming at it with different ideas of what they want and need. You've got to be able to use these tools to not only advocate your position but advocate for everyone else in the organization. Really, for us, it's internal. Some of the external ways we will use it is when we engage with not only competitors – if we're in a competitive situation, if I can advocate my position, I'm much better off – but even in the industry as a whole. If we are trying to move them in a different direction, trying to be the leaders, this can only assist in that."

    - Tamara Chafin, Member Service Manager, Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool

  • "When looking for a course on influence and persuasion, I looked at several different universities throughout the country. The “Advocacy, Influence and Power” course offered by the University of Texas, Texas Executive Education program appeared to be the best match for what I was looking for. I am very happy I decided to take this course as I was thoroughly impressed and my expectations were exceeded by everyone involved. The professors presented a wealth of valuable information which makes this course well worth the investment."

    - Todd Cassity, Senior Manager, Accessory Portfolio and Scion, Gulf States Toyota

  • "I have takeaways from every session."

    - Joe Burgamy, Chief Operating Officer, Lendmark Financial Services

  • "The class is packed with information and practical insights that can benefit any person in charge of a project or a team."

    - Sridhar Hariharan, CAD Manager, Silicon Laboratories Inc.

  • "I have 53 items starred in my little notebook and they are all great."

    - Reid Wiseman, Commander, U. S. Navy

  • "I'd highly recommend the course to colleagues - the information is very valuable to what we do every day."

    - Tom Reynolds, Regional Trust Administrator, U.S. Department Of The Interior

Upcoming Sessions

Advocacy, Influence and Power

Price: $6,600.00


01/24/22 - 01/28/22

5- Days

Rowling Hall 300 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Austin, TX 78701, Room Comal

John Daly
David Harrison
Sharon Jarvis
Gaylen Paulson

Please call 512-232-6711 for more information or to register for this class.