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Braden West MPA ambassador

Braden West  |  iMPA 2024

  • Hometown: Allen, TX
  • Undergraduate Institution: The University of Texas at Austin
  • Undergraduate Major: Accounting
  • Career Interests: Forensic Accounting
  • Why Did You Choose to Attend the Texas McCombs MPA Program? I was initially attracted to the MPA program by its excellent reputation. What has kept me in the program, though, is the dedication of the world-class faculty and universal appeal of the degree.
  • Why Did You Choose Accounting for Your Master's Degree? Experts in accounting are sought after in nearly every business discipline, even beyond traditional assurance and tax roles. I knew a graduate degree in accounting would provide me not only with valuable technical and quantitative skills, but also with "softer" skills pertaining to communication and decision-making.
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