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MSITM students meet the growing demand for leaders who design, develop, and manage IT solutions to create business/social value from new emerging technologies. Students will gain an understanding in deep learning and the Internet of Things.

A Peek into the MSITM Classroom

  • Man looks at a computer within a server room.

    Unstructured Data Analytics

    Build your skills in generating business and social insights from user generated content by the use of text analytics, sentiment analysis, visualization techniques, and more in the Unstructured Data Analytics course.
  • Business Data Science

    In this course, you will explore concepts from probabilistic modeling, analysis and experimental design. It is an introduction to basic concepts, methodology, algorithms, and technology used in business analytics and decision making.
  • Two people working at night in an office with bright screens.

    Design Methods

    The goal of this course is to give you hands on experience using design tools and methods to understand user needs, frame business opportunities, and design solutions. The course will examine design from both organizational and technical perspectives.

Faculty Spotlight

  • Caryn Conley headshot

    Dr. Caryn Conley | Director of MS IT & Management Program

    Dr. Conley teaches courses in programming and systems development in the Information, Risk, and Operations Management department.
  • Alex Dimakis headshot

    Dr. Alex Dimakis | Associate Professor

    Dr. Dimakis' research interests include information theory, coding theory and machine learning.
  • From the Classroom to the Workplace

    Both in and outside of the classroom, the MS in IT and Management program prepares students for careers through networking receptions, resume building support, mock interviews, and other opportunities for career engagement.



MSITM Program Director, Caryn Conley, gives insight into the program’s industry-leading faculty and cutting-edge technology that provides unique opportunities for students.


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